2017 Student Model Bridge Building Competition – Southern Nevada Region

Thank you to all the participants in the 2017 Student Model Bridge Competition, this year’s competition was a great success. Congratulations to all the participating students for their accomplishments, and a special thank you to all the parents and teachers for all their hard work and dedication.  I encourage all students, teachers, and parents to visit the webpages of our sponsors to learn more about the wonderful organizations that supported for the 2017 competition, and without whom many students would be have been left out of this years competition; thank you sponsors!  We would also like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their Saturday to lend us a hand for the day.  Finally, thank you to Dr. Donald Hayes and the UNLV College of Engineering for helping us with the competition logistics and for allowing us to take over the engineering building for the day.

Teachers interested in purchasing additional first place plaques for multi-student teams should contact Casey.  Be sure to include in your message your school information and the number of plaques you would like to purchase.  Each plaque costs us $13 to produce, so we will pass that cost through and only charge $13 per plaque.

Teachers and parents, please share any of your pictures taken of the event including the ones taken during the competition, and in your class room or at home.